Friday, October 31, 2014


  "If a blade of grass can grow in a concrete walk and a fig tree in the side of a mountain cliff, a human being empowered with an invincible faith can survive all odds the world can throw against his tortured soul" Robert Schuller

Hello Loves,
In honor of the breast cancer month today I wore a pink top.I styled with a Pencil skirt which I bought in both green and yellow ( which is similar Here ) and shoes  Here and completed my look with a simple statement neck piece.

I am hoping your day is as bright as mine. Enjoy your weekend
  NB The pictures are not as clear as I would love them to be but am working on it so please bear with me                                          


  1. I love this, especially the blouse!!! Awesome and totally stylish!!! :)

  2. Love this mix of pink and cobalt blue! Such a lovely BCA look!

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