Thursday, November 13, 2014


Hey Loves
Sorry for the hiatus, I have been so lazy of late in taking pictures and I get disappointed whenever I take pics and they are all not good enough for me to upload them on the blog. Anyways today I decided to post pics of my trip to Dubai sometimes last year, it was an amazing trip and I enjoyed every seconds of my time there lol.

Dubai is such an amazing place to be and for a shopping lover like me, it was just a heaven on earth. I spent a week in Dubai and there was no single day that I failed to go for shopping and the best part was that the malls were open until past midnight. The shopping experience was splendid.

I was not able to take pics most of the days and only did that on my second last day when my friends and I went to visit the largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall. We had gone there particularly to visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo, The Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and to watch the Dubai Dancing Fountain. 

My friends and I also went for the Dubai Desert Safari ride and had dinner in one of the camps in the desert. There are just so many activities that one can do in Dubai and I hope I would visit it again in the future and I highly recommend anyone to pay a visit to Dubai and you would not regret.

Burj Khalifa (Tallest Building in the world)


Inside the Aquarium
People waiting to watch the Dubai Dancing Fountain outside Dubai Mall

                                                        Radisson Blu Hotel

                                                             Dress - Gifted
                                                               Coat - Thrifted ($2)
                                                           Shoes - Shop in Dubai
                                                               Bag - Dragon Mart

                    Photos taken courtesy of my friends and I using My Samsung Galaxy S3
                                                 Thanks for stopping by and reading

Friday, October 31, 2014


  "If a blade of grass can grow in a concrete walk and a fig tree in the side of a mountain cliff, a human being empowered with an invincible faith can survive all odds the world can throw against his tortured soul" Robert Schuller

Hello Loves,
In honor of the breast cancer month today I wore a pink top.I styled with a Pencil skirt which I bought in both green and yellow ( which is similar Here ) and shoes  Here and completed my look with a simple statement neck piece.

I am hoping your day is as bright as mine. Enjoy your weekend
  NB The pictures are not as clear as I would love them to be but am working on it so please bear with me                                          

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hello loves,
I hope your week is getting better especially that the weekend is approaching. Two weeks ago as I was going through my closet I realized that I owned a polka dot shirt and a skirt. This  two pieces though of different colours had similar dots patterns, I then decided to incorporate the two pieces together and they did really blend so well. 
I then walked majestically to my cousin's room to get her opinion on my look, she liked the look and said I could as well rock it to the office though am still a little doubtful if the outfit can be work appropriate. 

                                                                     Shirt - Thrifted
Skirt - Custom Made in China
Shoes - Mall in China
Necklace - Phenicia Supermarket

 Thank you for stopping by loves, I would really appreciate your opinions on this look.       Have a wonderful weekend

Monday, September 29, 2014


Happy Monday dolls,
This past Sunday I went to church with my cousins and I decided to put on one of my favorite pencil skirt and a tank top, I accessorize the look with a giraffe scarf and a black slim belt, can you imagine I did not know that this scarf had giraffes prints on it until now when I was putting up this blog post lol. I completed the look with an animal print pump.

                                                                     Outfit Details
                                                                 Skirt - Mall In China
                                                                Tank Top - Thrifted
                                                                     Scarf - Thrifted
                                                                Sunglasses - Mall China
                                                       African earings - Open African Market (Juba)
                                                                    Shoes - Mr. Price
Belt - From one of my dresses

                                          Thanks for stopping by and reading
                                        Your comments are highly appreciated
                                                                Ifere xx

Monday, September 15, 2014


Happy Monday dolls,
I am hoping that y'all had a wonderful weekend. Today I will be featuring my Celine Paris top and a yellow pencil Skirt that I bought from my last trip to China. I completed the look with Ella Morissa necklace piece, black bag and Nine West wedges. This is what I wore today to work.

                  Have an awesome week ahead and thanks for stopping by, your comments will be appreciated.
With Love

Saturday, August 30, 2014



On the 8th of August i got a chance of visiting the Mutianyu Great wall, a section of the China Great wall, located Huairou county northeast of Beijing.  We were told the Chinese decided to built the Great Wall so as to protect them from attacks by their neighbors, the Mongolia Nomads, such an interesting history.We took a cable car that took us to the top and back. It was such an amazing experience climbing the Great Wall despite the heat, i would advise anyone to visit this historic site.

        In the above pic, are stalls where you can buy sun hats, umbrellas and souvenirs
                   Cable cars, that transports tourist to the top of the Great Wall

The view of the Greatwall

Top - Mr. Price
Pants - New Look 
Shoes - Bata
Sun Hat - Olympic stadium (China)
Sun Glasses - Optic Shop (China)

 They say unaware pics are the best, it was taken while i was picking up my hat in order to put it on before taking another shot
And Voila! I have my sun hat on
                                            A selfie as we take the cable car back
      And the management of the Great Wall are so kind to welcome tourist back!!!
                                                          Until next time ciao
                                                                Ifere xx