Saturday, August 30, 2014



On the 8th of August i got a chance of visiting the Mutianyu Great wall, a section of the China Great wall, located Huairou county northeast of Beijing.  We were told the Chinese decided to built the Great Wall so as to protect them from attacks by their neighbors, the Mongolia Nomads, such an interesting history.We took a cable car that took us to the top and back. It was such an amazing experience climbing the Great Wall despite the heat, i would advise anyone to visit this historic site.

        In the above pic, are stalls where you can buy sun hats, umbrellas and souvenirs
                   Cable cars, that transports tourist to the top of the Great Wall

The view of the Greatwall

Top - Mr. Price
Pants - New Look 
Shoes - Bata
Sun Hat - Olympic stadium (China)
Sun Glasses - Optic Shop (China)

 They say unaware pics are the best, it was taken while i was picking up my hat in order to put it on before taking another shot
And Voila! I have my sun hat on
                                            A selfie as we take the cable car back
      And the management of the Great Wall are so kind to welcome tourist back!!!
                                                          Until next time ciao
                                                                Ifere xx


Hey dolls,
Its been a month since I last blogged, i so missed you so very much. I was away for like two weeks and when i came back was caught up with work. I will soon be posting some pics of my visit to Beijing, china. So today, I decided to put on this skinnies that I haven't worn for like ages because it was slightly big and I was so happy that it fitted perfectly. ION I have gained weight and am so excited, still determined to gain more. I know its weird for a girl to be obsessed with gaining weight and my Chinese friend kept telling me " you are okay the way you are" and am like lets swap bodies so you can have mine, and this discussion never ends. Check out my outfit for day.

Top - Mr. Price 
Skinny denim - Old
Maasai Sandals - Shop next to World Business center
Necklace and earring Set - Ella Morissa