Friday, July 11, 2014


Today the 11th of July is one my best days because I get to celebrate the day I was born and to thank God for yet another fulfilling year. I have been blessed so much and I will always be grateful to my God. I woke up at around 6:30 and received a call from one of my dearest friends who immediately started singing for me the birthday song,oh boy this was just the beginning of great things ahead.
As I was driving to work I decided to call my mum coz I missed her call earlier on and i was actually expecting a call from her or my dad. We started talking and I realized she didn't actually called to wish me a happy birthday and I was like "mum today is my birthday!" And she was like "oh mummie am sorry, we actually talked about it last night with your dad and we were planning to buy sweets today evening and take it to the church and celebrate your birthday with friends", then she added " you know we do celebrate your birthday every year", that was really sweet of her and my dad. 
One of the south Sudanese cultures is that we do appreciate every little things that is happening in our lives, we do this most of the times through buying sweets and distributing it to colleagues at the work places. This happens especially whenever one of the staffs has a newborn, new staffs getting their first salary, when one's child has passed the national exam, promotion, getting a new car e.t.c. In our office we usually order for a cake during birthdays and therefore I asked one of my colleague who is also a close friend to order a cake from a certain Lebanese place known as Montana Gardens. The cake was ready by 3pm and we sent someone to go pick it up, here is the cake

                And below is me cutting it

It was really an amazing day for me, had overwhelming birthdays wishes from friends and family members and later in the evening I had dinner with friends.       

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